Why Are We Here?


Code for Australia’s vision is that by 2030, Australia will have a world-class digital government that is built by, and for, everyone. For us that means…

  • When policies and services are created, they’re driven by public needs and input

  • Data, code and platforms are open by default

  • The public sector embraces openness and collaboration

When we’re evaluating our impact and setting goals, we’re trying to create the infrastructure for change to enable this. As a small team we want to scale our influence and help amplify success stories beyond the teams we’ve partnered with, for the benefit of everyone.

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is constantly evolving based on the cumulative evidence we have and the ongoing outcomes of our programs.

Here's where you can find our most recent working document which helps to explain a bit more about the why behind our work.

You can also explore our experimental visualisation to communicate our Theory of Change below or here.


There are many we like to draw upon. Here are some we refer to most often:

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